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Vitalistic Chiropractic


Chiropractic is found on one simple truth: your body is self-healing & self regulating. When you get a scratch, who does the healing - the band-aid or your body? Your body, of course!


While the purpose of chiropractic is not to "cure" anything, its purpose is to regulate physiology through its impact on the nervous system (the master controller of the entire body). 

At RFC, we work with the nervous system through gentle chiropractic adjustments. The goal of these adjustments is to reduce stress on the nervous system, therefore restoring proper communication between the brain & the body. This allows the nervous system to work optimally to improve overall function of the body. All bodily systems - circulatory, endocrine, hormonal, digestive, muscular, skeletal, immunological, reproductive, etc. - depend on optimal nervous system function.

Our care is focused on  function, not on symptoms. While symptoms are a way our bodies can communicate with us, they don't always tell the whole story. We ensure our care is based on your individual function by assessing how your nervous system is operating from the day you start care with us. This is done using our state of the art technology, the Insight scans. At RFC, we ensure your individual care is exactly what you need to function optimally so you can live in vibrant health.

We believe every person is capable of health & healing when their nervous system is functioning at its best. We believe everyone deserves to experience life in full expression & it is our aim to provide health & hope through chiropractic care. 

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