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Our lives are lived through our nervous system, so a healthy nervous system is essential to development & a healthy lifestyle during a time when learning and growing are so rapid!

Today's kids have more stress than ever. While much of this stress can be traced back to birth, kiddos continue to compound the stress that occurred at birth as they grow, learn, and develop. 

Chiropractic releases interference in the nervous system, allowing kiddos to grow, learn, and develop to their upmost potential! 

Chiropractic kids tend to have: 

• Better sleep 

• Diminished allergies 

• Less ear infections 

• Elevated mood 

• Better digestion & less constipation

• Enhanced performance in sports and school 

• Improvement in behavioral and sensory issues 

• More calmness 

• Less asthma 

• Increased connection

• Less bedwetting

• Decreased growing pains 

7 reasons your kiddo should see a chiropractor: 

1. Difficult birth 

2. Looking at a tablet for extended periods of time 

3. Slips & falls on the playground 

4. Poor posture 

5. Sports participation 

6. Developmental Delays 

7. General wellness 

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