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Many health challenges that show up later in life can be traced back to birth, especially if traction, forceps, vacuum extraction, or c-section delivery occurred. These can cause a subtle shift in the top bone of the neck, which can interfere with the nervous system. Research shows that this type of trauma occurs in over 90% of births!


The brain and nervous system experience the most growth & development within the first year of life. ​At birth, the brain is about 25% of its full size. By age 2, the brain is about 80% of its full size, and by age 6, the brain is about 90% of its full size.

Chiropractic care ensures there is no interference in a baby's rapidly growing nervous system through safe, gentle, and effective adjustments, allowing baby to focus on learning and growing to the best of their ability, interference-free! An infant adjustment is incredibly safe and requires no more pressure than you'd use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

Some reasons your baby should see a chiropractor include: 

• After-birth wellness check

• Difficult birth 

• Developmental delays

• Colic 

• Nursing challenges 

• Reflux 

• Cranial bone distortion

• Sleep problems 

• Digestive issues & constipation 

• Torticollis

• Ear infections

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